Kahoot Learning Platform

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform designed for students, teachers, and corporate employees to help them be the best learners they can be. KahootGuides.Com is dedicated to guidesquizzesgame pinsgame names, bots, and many more.


Kahoot! You can create a quiz, add slides, use pre-designed templates, import questions, and duplicate & editing existing Kahoots in a minute.


Host Kahoots live in class or via video conferencing. Get students to play individually or in teams.


In Kahoot! Download basic reports in a spreadsheet. See visual reports with actionable insights into class progress.


Share games directly with other Kahoot! users. Collaborate with other teachers in groups.


Creating a learning game of Kahoot! only takes minutes. You can create a Kahoot from scratch.

Host Live

Host a Kahoot live in class or via a video conferencing tool to connect students virtually!