How to Create Kahoot Quiz – Step by Step Complete Guide

Play an online quiz-based game Kahoot at school, home, and class. Before playing, let’s learn the process of how to create a Kahoot Quiz.

KahootGuide lets you create Kahoot-like quizzes. Did we just say that? Absolutely! In order to make social learning more fun, teachers and educational institutions use Kahoot, a quiz- and game-based learning platform.

Kahoot quizzes are popular because they can be created in seconds. Therefore, we are providing here a guide on how to create a Kahoot quiz?

In Kahoot quizzes, students have the opportunity to learn while engaging with the educational process. A lead generation machine may very well exist in interactive content for your company!

Using interactive quizzes in classroom setups leads to a more balanced flow of knowledge between students and teachers. Both parties participate in the learning process.

Finally, students do more than jot down notes, which makes lessons more valuable and fulfilling. The lessons are on the whole more memorable and memorable. 

Kahoot quizzes can be beneficial to schools and other educational institutions. You can use KahootGuide to not only make Kahoot quizzes that are similar to Kahoot but also create dynamic and interactive experiences that are even more engaging.

Creating Kahoot quizzes is a breeze with our development studio, which is highly intuitive. Here’s how. Let’s take a look.

Make sure to read this before creating any Kahoot quiz, because you need to create a Kahoot! Account first. Here is a tutorial on “how to create a Kahoot account” if you have not completed it yet.

Let’s Learn How to make a Kahoot Quiz – Step by Step Guide

how to create kahoot quiz

Following are some simple steps to follow on how to create a Kahoot quiz:

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Step 1: Log in to Kahoot by visiting

how to make kahoot quiz - step 1

Step 2: Alternatively, click on any of the Kahoot activity types in the left column to begin creating.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 2

Step 3: The quizzes can be made by clicking the Quiz button.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 3

Step 4: You’re in Kahoot! Choose a question:

Step 4a: Name your quiz, describe it, and select privacy settings, language preferences, and the target audience.

Step 4b: Alternatively, you can choose images from Kahoot for your cover image. Check out our picture gallery.

Step 4c: While your students are waiting for the Kahoot! video, you might want to show them an introductory video. Then, please add and embed a YouTube video link in the ‘Intro video’ box.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 4, 4a, 4b, 4c

Step 5: When the Question screen appears, click OK, Go, and then Add a Question.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 5
how to make kahoot quiz - step 5a

Step 6: In Kahoot! Setup a question:

Step 6a: Questions are limited to 95 characters, and answer choices are limited to 20 characters. The Quiz spreadsheet template lets you upload your questions via spreadsheet.

Step 6b: Give the answer choice you think is correct. Your choice can range from 1 to all of them.

Step 6c: Turn on or off points and adjust time limits.

Step 6d: Consider adding images or YouTube videos as prompts to the questions.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 6, 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d

Step 7: By dragging and dropping questions into new positions, you can reorder them.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 7

Step 8: Save the list of questions when you’ve finished adding them all.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 8

Step 9: Once you’ve clicked I’m Done, close the window. Kahoot can now be modified, played, or shared! Quiz.

how to make kahoot quiz - step 9

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