How to Play Kahoot at Home & School

Here in this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to play Kahoot at home and in Class? After reading the complete article, you’ll be able to create a Kahoot account and play with friends.

Here’s what you need to know before you play Kahoot! Creating a Kahoot is necessary for the classroom! Set up an account and use Kahoot! quizzes.   View the tutorials below if you haven’t already done so.

All the connected screens will display the game’s questions as soon as it starts. The time limit for students’ responses to these questions is specific. In the allotted time, they should submit their answers using a computer or smartphone.

The multiple-choice answers are distinguished by their unique color and shape. Kahoot’s best feature is that all the questions and answers are automatically randomized. This prevents children from memorizing the questions and answers.

As soon as all students have responded to their questions, students can find the results of their questions. The red screen stating ‘Incorrect’ will appear if all the answers are incorrect. In contrast, if you enter the correct answer, the green screen will display ‘Correct’.

Students can score a total of 1000 points. In addition, points are awarded for answering questions quickly and correctly. A child’s score will rise the faster he or she replies to a question.

A leaderboard will appear after the quiz, showing the top five high-scoring players. Each participant will receive discrete feedback about their performance on the quiz. A teacher can analyze all student responses by downloading the quiz data into Excel and viewing the right and wrong answers.

Before going to the tutorial on how to play Kahoot at home, let’s learn first how to create a Kahoot account and how to create a Kahoot Quiz:

Step by Step Guide: How to Play Kahoot at Home and in Class

How to play kahoot at home

Step 1: Sign in to your account at

Sign into your account at

Step 2: Choose Kahoots from the menu at the top.

Choose Kahoots from t

Step 3: When you go to the Kahoots Quiz page, To play a Kahoots quiz, tick its checkbox.

When you go to the Kahoots Quiz page, To play a Kahoots quiz, tick its checkbox.

Step 4: To play, click here.

To play, click here.

Step 5: The Classic mode features player-vs-player matches, while the Team mode features team-to-team matches on shared devices.

Note – As an extra measure of security, students must enter the correct pin, select a pattern, and enter the game pin in “Game Options” to customize point bonuses, nickname generators (automatically generated nicknames at the start of the course), automated transitions, and display of the game pin.

Step 6: Now the screen will display the game lobby, along with the PIN and instructions for joining.

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Step 7: They must enter the game Pin into Kahoot! On their computers or mobile devices (mobile app/, enter their answers into the app.

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Step 8: After entering a nickname, students click on the OK, go! button. When a game lobby appears, students click on the button.

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Note – Furthermore, students can choose a nickname that is automatically generated.

Step 9: This Kahoot will allow you to see students who joined! Begin the game by clicking on Start.

Step 10: You will see the questions and answer choices on your screen, whereas students will see them on the answer button.

Note – To answer the question, students select the answer choice corresponding to the button matching the answer choice’s color and shape.

Step 11: Following the class’s responses, a bar graph will be displayed on the instructor’s screen displaying the correct answer and the class’s response to the question.

Step 12: Go to the next question by clicking the Next button.

Step 13: In the Leaderboard, the top five scorers are displayed at the end of each question.

Step 14: Upon completion of the game, the Podium will display the winner’s information, while the student screen will present the student’s results and ranks.

Step 15: The student responses and scores will be displayed in an Excel spreadsheet once you click the Get Results button.

Note – Kahoot quizzes can be rated by students, and their results can be saved as well.

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5 Ways to Improve your Game on Kahoot

Kahoot! can be played by students and teachers simultaneously. The timer can be turned off for teachers. Increasing focus, promoting accuracy over speed, and decreasing guesswork is the goal of the challenges. Learn why they are especially helpful in certain circumstances.

With Kahoot’s recent web release, students can play challenges on the web as well as on their app. Getting started with Kahoot! Students can play anywhere, anytime, and on their own devices (in class or at home).

A Kahoot that is student-paced promotes focus, increases accuracy over speed, and reduces guesswork due to having questions and answers on the students’ screens. It is particularly useful for reviewing and practicing content important to students.

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You can extend learning beyond live games and increase learning impacts by using their new game mode in some of the following ways:

1. Practice by replaying live games

A student-paced replay of a live game is an excellent way for students to repeat, practice, and reinforce new information that they’ve learned in class. Taking their time allows them to take their time on more challenging points, and not feel rushed to get answers.

Tip: Check the performance of your class by replaying the live game through a student-paced Kahoot.

2. Prepare for tests by reviewing content

Students-paced kahoots are often used by teachers as a test prep tool. In this case, Cathy Yenca, an amazing math teacher, explained that she uses both the asynchronous Kahoot and the live games: “Having both! A combination of challenges and live games together keeps learning fun (and review exciting!)”

Tip: Play Kahoot! This is a useful tip! You might want to consider turning off the timer to push your accuracy rather than speed.

3. To be used in class as workstations

It’s now easier to utilize them on workstations in class now that we can play our new game mode on computers, too. Engage students in collaborative work, discussion, and explanation in pairs and small groups.

Tip: Create random order for the answers to make each group’s game more interesting.

4. Create self-correcting homework

Providing feedback to students requires a lot of time to check and correct homework assignments before sending them emails. You can save time by assigning kahoots as homework because they are self-correcting and give immediate feedback as the students play them. Mr. Warren, creator of the awesome “Play Kahoot!Kahoot!Kahoot! Music Video,” provided a wonderful explanation of why student-paced kahoots can be a great homework tool:

Tip: Now you can share games even more easily! By simply clicking one button, you can share student-paced challenges with Google Classroom, Remind, and Microsoft Teams!

5. Plan classes based on knowledge

You can send out a short Kahoot before beginning a new topic to assess students’ prior knowledge. The plan you developed will help you focus on what needs to be stressed in your classroom.

Tip: You can identify knowledge gaps when viewing a report by selecting the Difficult questions tab.

FAQs’ How to Play Kahoot at Home

If you’re still confused about how to play Kahoot then this section is for you because here we’ve covered almost every question which you’re looking for an answer to. Following are some important frequently asked questions:

How do you join a game on Kahoot?

Visit from your device browser or tap Enter PIN code on our mobile app.
You must enter the PIN code to play the game.
You can choose a nickname by clicking or tapping the rotate button when Friendly Nickname Hosting is enabled. Alternatively, you can enter a chosen nickname if it is disabled.

How do you play Kahoot with the class?

Visit your account and log in.
Click the Kahoots tab near the top of the menu.
You can take Kahoot quizzes by clicking here
The classic game (player vs player) should be chosen
After activation of the game lobby, the game PIN number and login instructions will be displayed on the screen.
Kahoot requires students to enter their PIN code!
Click OK to begin. The students are asked to enter a nickname.

Can you play Kahoot with strangers?

It is possible to use both. Nonetheless, the latest version of Kahoot has something special. Learn even after you play a live game with this app. It allows you to play educational games alone or with friends and takes you to fun quizzes and educational games.

Is Kahoot free?

The Kahoot team is dedicated to Kahoot! The program is free to use. Team building and training are also conducted using the program at work. The Kahoot business plan is part of our premium offering!

Can you play Kahoot by yourself?

A device is required for each player to participate in Kahoot. You can use our mobile app instead if they use iOS or Android devices.

Can you play Kahoot without a phone?

Kashoot is a free gaming platform that students can use on both computers and smartphones. The game itself is more fun than a projector, but you don’t need one. You’ll play Kahoot online. Mobile users can access Kahoot questions.

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